Waihopai River Vineyard

MV Waihopai Vineyard 2-534

This is our first vineyard, the one that laid the foundation for Marisco Vineyards.

Waihopai River Vineyard lies on the flats on the right bank of the Waihopai River, at the mouth of the Waihopai Valley. By far the most substantial part of the 260ha vineyard is planted in Sauvignon Blanc, along with Pinot Gris and a few small blocks of Chardonnay and Viognier.

What made the Waihopai River Vineyard such a great place to start Marisco Vineyards is the exceptional diversity we have across the one site. It consists of three terraces, formed by glacial movement over thousands of years.

The bottom terrace consists of the old river bed, with silt, silty clay loam and gravel soils. Diverging seams of varying soils gives us a real diversity of flavours to work with. 

The middle terrace has more gutsy soil, with more fertile topsoil overlaying the gravels below. This area also gives us a wide range of flavours and characteristics.

The top terrace is the largest of the three, and varies across its width from west to east. The soils from the west of the terrace are very similar to the mid-terrace, and as you go towards the Delta Hill, the soils get gradually deeper and richer, and in this area specifically, the shade that the hill provides adds to the variable conditions.


Level 2
23 Falcon Street
Parnell, Auckland
Phone: +64 9 522 9684

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