Harvest 2021

Season Summary

Early bud burst followed a record warm, dry winter; the second warmest winter since 1932. This was followed by an unusually uneventful frost season; an ideal start to the 2021 growing season. However, the critical months of November and December brought about wet weather, making for challenging flowering and fruit set.

Luckily, the southerly position of the Waihopai Valley and typically later flowering, saw most vineyards protected from the worst impacts of the poor weather.

The grape ripening summer months remained dry, with record high sunshine hours, making for optimal conditions. This, combined with smaller crops, resulted in an early start to harvest. Excellent management allowed for fruit to be harvested in a calm, steady flow with fruit in pristine condition, undeterred by a significant rain spell mid-harvest.

Despite smaller yield, the absence of vineyard disease, a moderately warm, dry season and proactive harvest plans allowed us to capture the fruit flavours at their best - the team are very excited about the quality of harvest 2021.

Season Summary