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Complementing the vineyard sites is a ‘new generation’ winery that would be the envy of any winemaker.

Built in 2010, it incorporates features adapted from the very best of the dairy meat and steel industries, as well as some innovative special touches that Brent Marris has been dreaming of for years.

Designed around the varieties we handle, flow is everything. It is extremely gentle on the juice in all respects, and has a real boutique feel but on a commercial scale.

There is a custom-built tasting table for the winemakers, a stylish, rustic barrel room that runs the length of the winery and a state of the art laboratory at the centre of it all. It’s efficient, innovative and optimally located in the heart of the Waihopai River vineyard.

“We like to have flexibility so we can maximise the potential of the fruit that comes into the winery. And the design of this winery just makes that easier to achieve. We have the ability to chop and change without the usual impediments, so we can have a real boutique focus on how we make wines.” Matt Mitchell, GM Winery.

Level 2
23 Falcon Street
Parnell, Auckland
Phone: +64 9 522 9684

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